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ADB-BUTINACA is a synthetic cannabis molecule that has been marketed as a designer drug. Using EMCDDA naming guidelines, it is also known as ADMB-BINACA. With an EC50 of 6.36 nM for CB1, it is a strong CB1 agonist, with binding affinities of 0.29 nM for CB1 and 0.91 nM for CB2.


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Buy ADBB Online, Some synthetic cannabis products contain components of a recently created synthetic drug called ADBB. With EC50 values ​​of 0.52 nM and 0.88 nM respectively, they are the strong agonist

of the CB1 and CB2 receptors. However, the physiological and toxicological properties of this compound are still unknown.

How is ADBB used?

The ADBB drug is not suitable for human consumption. This drug is used as a research chemical by researchers in forensic laboratories.

What are the side effects of ADBB?

Long-term use of ADBB powder may cause the following side effects:

o Delirium

o Cardiotoxicity

o Seizures

o Hypothermia

How do you know about ADB Butinaca?

It is difficult to identify ADB Butinaca without logical testing. It naturally appears in light brown or yellowish particles and readily blends in with other ADB Butinaca available for sale. A small amount of ADB Butinaca in a taster makes identification difficult, as other devices may use facade identifiers such as hue, aroma and taste. They can also be vamped or orally inspired. For the ADB Butinaca, enclosed samples are sold as street drugs; People insert them. Customers reported significantly about the ADB Butinaca company only after using it. Because so little is known about its chemical properties, researchers and chemistry enthusiasts have a great opportunity to conduct exciting experiments and lead the way in determining the compound’s essential chemical and physical properties.

Why do people buy the ADB Butinaca?

It is an ingredient in some synthetic cannabis products. This designer drug was developed by the well-known American pharmaceutical company Pfizer as a potential analgesic. You should be aware of the potential risks and side effects if you are a researcher and want to use it for research purposes. Like other synthetic cannabinoids, it has psychoactive properties. In addition, various side effects associated with this substance have been demonstrated. Orange Hems, a reputable platform, is where you can get this medicine to buy ADB Butinaca online.

What are the effects of ADB Butinaca?

ADB-BUTINACA is a kind of new overwhelming substance generally used for research.

These new synthetic cannabinoids are a man-made substance that binds to the body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors.

The cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 are involved in numerous physiological processes.

Our central nervous system, which helps mediate the psychoactive effects of cannabis, contains CB1 in the brain and spinal cord.

White blood cells contain CB2 receptors, which regulate the functions of immune cells.

Additionally, it is spoken at lower levels in the brain. ADB-BIANCA’s things are not well documented, and it is not legal to buy ADB Butinaca. They are synthetic dopaminergic, so they act on the same clearing acceptor in the brain as TCH, which is the mind-altering element in cannabis, and order ADB Butinaca. There is no liability for any actions or costs arising from your placement of ADB Butinaca order online is adb butinaca controlled? adb butinaca cayman buy, adb butinaca dea buy, adb butinaca cayman, adb butinaca for sale

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